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for self expression

every platform has incentives & loops to promote a certain type of behavior. this is often hidden under the hood. not us. we are completely transparent.

everything in plutoverse is designed to make self-expression easier, efficient & more rewarding – from tools & user experiences to incentives & economies.

which means – simply – the more honest & original you are, the more you benefit!

Plutoverse is a simple and efficient platform to :

create communities

find like minded people

explore social experiences

using customisable avatars

we don’t ask you to fill a form and tell your likes, dislikes & preferences (exhausting, we know right?).

we simply let you show it.

who’s your favourite artist? ye? cool.
you like puffy jackets or flat? puffy? okay.
what else? transparent pants? there you go.
wings of metal? we really expressing today ha? nice.

express whatever you are, whatever you want to be. whatever, you feel like.

find similar people? Of course. But more than that.

find fascinating people.

Plutoverse also has its own currency, plenty of smart & simple staking tools and a defi toolkit, but that shit’s boring and we already put it in our whitepaper with passionate detail. so, we’re gonna stick to letting you express & building a passionate community.
come, express.


we are web3. okay? but you dont need to make it your whole personality. products have a soul too. our is self-expression. so go on now, look at the rest of the site.